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Customer Reviews

The wheels are as described are of good quality and delivered promptly i can't ask for more thank you.

                    Glenn verified Reviewer   27/July/2019


Smooth transaction, followed all directions given, pick up option available made it easy.

                         Corinia verified Reviewer   25/July/2019


Delivery was fast. The 200kg Scissor table works perfectly and very quiet smooth operation.

                              Kellie verified Reviewer   18/July/2019


Excellent value for money and extremely fast delivery. Repeat customer who wouldn't hesitate to recommend  SkyJacks to others

                           Sarah verified Reviewer   12/July/2019


"I received the trolleys this morning
I would like to express my sincere thank you to your team I am overwhelm at how good they are and Am blown away once again thank you so much for all your effort in assisting me. "
                                                 A job well done .
                            Brian verified Reviewer   8/July/2019


"Thanks to the team at Skyjacks . Always great service and great products and a huge range to suit all of our needs. Our men appreciate great quality - makes their job a lot easier."
                                   Kate verified Reviewer   5/July/2019


"I was so impressed with the customer service I received today from Jack. His knowledge and ability to find the right fit for my employees was refreshing. Jack not only found the product I required but also provided the quote in a timeline I knew personally was difficult to achieve. I would recommend Jack and his team. Thank you for your assistance definitely a business I would recommend !!!"
                                   Linda Mc Bride verified Reviewer   2/July/2019


  " Fantastic product and service. Jack was awesome at figuring out exactly what I needed, providing me options/suggestions and Selecting the final product."
                       James Sauter verified Reviewer   28/June/2019


"Quick response times to queries and calls.
Helpful staff willing to make that quick call to ensure you received all the information you need.Special Thank to Jack for prompt reply.
Our Bin lifter is available when we needed it and was delivered on right time.Very Fast Delivery.
Good team coverage!!
Good business to do business with!!!

                      Steve  Royardy verified Reviewer   24/June/2019


"Quick Response.Best Price.Prompt Delivery.                                             Electric Pallet Jack we bought is good and user friendly.We bought 2 x 1.5T electric Pallet jacks for the price of 1 x popular brand :).                                 Never Mind, its Jack the one man army :) . He will look after                           your enquires and prompt answers if he missed your call."

                         Sreenath Kodbal verified Reviewer   17/June/2019


                           "Quick delivery, good product"

                       Vince G. verified Reviewer   12/June/2019


                                     " Great product thank you "                                 
                         Jill P. verified Reviewer   11/June/2019



"Good service and quick delivery! Very happy with our 1000Kg Pallet Stacker "                                 
                          Santosh Reddy verified Reviewer   04/June/2019


"Quality Product, Special Thanks to  Jack McInnes For prompt reply and help "                                 
                         Rimmie verified Reviewer   28/May/2019


 Excellent company to deal with. I just had a demo on a pallet truck and ordered it straight was awesome!

                          Ben Peterson verified Reviewer   24/May/2019


"We Buy Corner Movers from Skyjacks,Quality Product, 
easy to use. We use them to put under our retail stock shelves so we can move them easily for cleaning ."
                            F.  Kate verified Reviewer   22/May/2019
"Good experience to deal with Skyjacks. Great range of products and the guy I dealt with was really helpful ."
                              David W. verified Reviewer   18/May/2019
           "Great Quality and the service from Skyjacks was Excellent."
                               Helen P. verified Reviewer   12/May/2019
"I am please with the quality of the trolley, and the service from Skyjacks was good."
                                     Adrian R.verified Reviewer   08/May/2019

"A very good buying experience. Contact to arrange delivery was made within an hour of ordering. Delivered next business day as promised. 

                               Grace V. verified Reviewer   03/May/2019


"I purchased some trolleys for Skyjacks warehouse. Excellent quality and good service."
                                  Daniel verified Reviewer   28/April/2019


       "Skyjacks helped me to solve my drum handling issue, well done guys!"
                        Timmy G. verified Reviewer   22/April/2019


"Good company to deal with and great bunch of guys with experience"

                               James Roberts verified Reviewer   14/April/2019


"Goods To The Quality We Expected At A Competitive Price With Good Delivery Service.!!"
                                 Mary verified Reviewer   08/April/2019
"Great to deal with, quick delivery and very accommodating..!!"
                                 Bryce verified Reviewer   05/April/2019
"Great service, cost effective. Great all round service.!!"
                                 Kate verified Reviewer   02/April/2019
"Easy to use website and great customer service.!!"
                                 Matt verified Reviewer   31/Mar/2019
"Great service, cost effective. Great all round service.!!"
                                 Jeff verified Reviewer   29/Mar/2019
"Good team coverage, quick response times to queries. Helpful staff willing to make that quick call to ensure you received all the information you need. Good business to do business with, Thank You!!"
                                 Caroline verified Reviewer   27/Mar/2019
"Perfect information, great customer service ,highly recommended .Will buy again."
                                 Helen verified Reviewer   12/Mar/2019
 "Excellent customer service - fast quote and delivery times. Great Quality product too!!! "
                                 Rachel verified Reviewer   24/Feb/2019
"Service was prompt and professional ... I will be recommending Skyjacks if given the opportunity. 
                               Debra  verified Reviewer   17/Feb/2019
"Service was fine, couple of small hiccups with installation but follow up help was good."
                         Jessica  verified Reviewer   8/Feb/2019

"Assisted in identifying most suitable product. Courteous and on-time. Will utilise coming weeks/months for warehouse change program."

                            Karen  verified Reviewer .  5/Feb/2019


                 " Terrific response time and customer service "
                           Glenn  verified Reviewer .  29/Jan/2019
                       "Great product and fast delivery "
                       Mike verified Reviewer .  22/Jan/2019
          "Price,Delivery time, ease of transaction and timely manner of staff "
                                          Rory verified Reviewer . 19/Jan/2019
         "Everybody in your team know exactly how and what the order details were." 
                                          Mark  verified Reviewer 11/Jan/2019
"Easy to deal with, knowledgeable staff and met agreed timeframe and work scope. "
                                       Bob  verified Reviewer  18/Jan/2019
                              "Prompt delivery, great customer service. "
                                       Tony   verified Reviewer  16/Jan/2019
               "Quick quote, quick processing, quick delivery "
                               Lee   verified Reviewer   4 /Jan/2019
                 "Friendly, professional and easy to deal with!
               Met all our requests - all items to be picked up that day or the next day - Great service!!!!"
                                       Rony  verified Reviewer    19/Dec/2018
        "The response time is exceptional. Delivery once ordered was very fast." 
                                   William  verified Reviewer     12/Dec/2018
                  "Great customer service, well priced and good product selection "
                                   Donald   verified Reviewer  26/Nov/2018
                   "No issues, great customer service. Will purchase from you guys in future. "
                                   Vadmin  verified Reviewer 15/Nov/2018
                        " fast efficient service and good quality product "
                                   Barry   verified Reviewer  2/Nov/2018
"Excellent service with my order, recommended alternative product with earlier notifications and communications was excellent."
                            Andrew   verified Reviewer     26/Oct/2018
             " I found the sales staff very helpful and they were only to happy to come out and see what we needed and recommended the correct product for us. "
                     Matthew  verified Reviewer    12/Sept/2018
        "Good communication and prompt replies. Goods arrived as promised." 
                       Elizabeth  verified Reviewer   18/Aug/2018
           "Prompt response to request for quote; good follow up & delivered on time." 
                               Jeff   verified Reviewer   22/Jul/2018
         "Understanding of the items we were after and alternatives offered "
                                    Steve  verified Reviewer    09/Jul/2018 
     "for giving the best service and delivering on time, packing the item well all over a 10 out of 10 "
                           Ruby  verified Reviewer  3/June/2018
            " Excellent quality and happy to support Australian manufacturing. "
                         Sam   verified Reviewer    22/May/2018
            "Very pleased with service and professional advice. Thank you "
                           Rinci  verified Reviewer    21/April/2018
               "Fast efficient service easy to deal with very friendly and would use again "
                                  Allan   verified Reviewer   25/March/2018
        "Everybody in your team know exactly how and what the order details were. "
                             Donia  verified Reviewer       16/Feb/2018
        "Always a pleasure to deal with this company - goods are well priced, of good quality, great communication and reliable service" 
                         Geoge   verified Reviewer 10/Jan/2018
             "Very quick to respond to request for quote. Good communication              throughout processing. Arrived assembled!" 
                                 Christina  verified Reviewer     8/Dec/2017
                     "Great service. Quick response and punctual delivery "
                           Eliza   verified Reviewer    26/Nov/2017